Our Curriculum is:

- Age appropriate

- Individually appropriate

- Culturally appropriate

- Child-led

- Based on proper standards and milestones

- Based on children constructing their own knowledge

- Based and aligned with the national curriculum standards

- Certified by the national Ministry of Education

- Authentic

- Emergent



Integral Child Led Education


Representational Development

Children learn by sharing new ideas, concepts and interests with peers and adults giving them a sense of control over their own learning.


In Depth Projects

Giving children the opportunity to think deeply and creatively as natural researchers.  Children learn through their senses by experimenting ,reflecting and repeating.

Emergent Curriculum

Children are capable, competent, curious and creative. The classroom curriculum stems from particular interests of the children fostering their sense of independence.



Building a community where each child’s voice is heard promoting a balance between a sense of belonging to a group and a sense of self as they seek to understand their world.