About Us


 Paradise Babies is an Early Learning Center and Babysitting service located in Roatan, Honduras.

Both entities focus on providing age appropriate care and guidance, employing trained and professional staff, and setting high standards for early childhood education.

We are inspired by a Constructivist and Reggio Emilia inspired pedagogy approach.



Rates & Policies


Our Philosophy

We model high quality education through:


Child Respect.

We value and treat all individuals at Paradise Babies with dignity and respect. We model active listening, set and communicate expectations, and provide choices when appropriate. We believe all individuals, no matter what their age, deserve equal and fair treatment.


Child-focused Programming. Teachers and caregivers at Paradise Babies complete annual and ongoing assessments on children's development. The information gathered guides

and directs the curriculum we use every day. Activities and experiences at Paradise Babies are tailored to each child and focus on learning through play.



We employ loving and responsive adults who understand the importance of positive and caring relationships in the development of a healthy child. Paradise Babies

values and supports continued education and training for all of our educators.


Cultural Diversity.

Families touched by Paradise Babies represent many cultures and traditions. We accept and celebrate the differences that make us all unique. English and Spanish languages are spoken and understood by adults and children at Paradise Babies every day.


Safety Standards.

Health and safety are interwoven into every aspect of our work through healthy food options, low adult to child classroom ratios, inspected and maintained supplies and equipment, ongoing child health checks, and constant environmental safety

assessments. Paradise Babies is committed to modeling and defining health and safety standards for all early childhood centers in Honduras.



Our Curriculum is:



- Age appropriate


- Individually appropriate


- Culturally appropriate


- Child-led


- Based on proper standards and milestones


- Based on children constructing their own knowledge


- Based and aligned with the national curriculum standards


- Certified by the national Ministry of Education


- Authentic


- Emergent


Our Team


Paradise Babies works hard to ensure its employees are prepared to perform their jobs and that they enjoy being at work.

We have regular staff development opportunities, organizational meetings, and social outings in order to reach these goals.

Vania Suazo, owner of Paradise Babies, grew up in Tegucigalpa and Brazil and has lived in Roatan since 2012.  She has a degree in Journalism. She realized a need for quality care in Roatan after her son was born.  Wanting to meet that need and provide a service to the community, she opened Paradise Babies in 2014.  She speaks multiple languages, enjoys meeting children's needs, and has embraced the idea of developmentally appropriate practices.




Sindy Caceres has been working with Paradise Babies since its beginning. She is from Roatan and is a mother of three boys. Sindy is a keen observer of children, is skilled at engaging children in appropriate activities, and values organization.




Elvia Osorio joined the Paradise Babies team January 2016. Elvia, from Roatan, is a mother of four and appreciates the opportunity to work with young children in this setting. She values education for herself, her children, and the children in her care.




Valeria Ocon is from Tegucigalpa. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy and Educational Sciences as well as a certificate on Inclusive Education. Valeria studied and lived abroad. She had the chance to teach and learn in multicultural environments. She is keen on reproducing holistic and progressive forms of education that enrich teaching and learning processes.




Delonie Samuels grew up in La Ceiba, Honduras, and has lived in Roatan since August 2017. She’s worked with children for 9 years, and enjoys being a part of their education, one of her favorite things about teaching is, witnessing a child’s excitement when they learn something new. She’s currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Human Resources and finalizing her TESOL certification. She’s also received various workshops related to teaching methods and effective classroom techniques. She’s looking forward to a year full of fun and learning!